At Ethos, our vision is a world where sustainable living is accessible to all. We are at the forefront of eco-friendly and affordable housing solutions, empowering communities to holistically embrace a greener future. Through innovative design, energy-efficient technologies, and responsible resource management, we create comfortable and resilient homes that harmonize with the environment while meeting the diverse needs of individuals and families across all socioeconomic backgrounds. We envision a future where every household can experience the benefits of sustainable living, fostering a healthier planet and a better quality of life for all.

Green Housing


Affordable Housing

At Ethos, we are creating affordable housing solutions to meet the tremendous need for safe and dignified homes across communities in California. Our initiatives prioritize the harmonious building of natural, financial, and social capital for all involved, ultimately fostering a sense of belonging, and creating vibrant neighborhoods that uplift and empower residents. By utilizing our construction expertise, innovative technologies, and strategic partnerships, as well as our sister companies (Legacy Framers, Inc. and Cemcon, Inc.), we make affordable housing accessible to all.


Renewable Energy

At Ethos, we are revolutionizing construction by embracing widespread electrification and clean, renewable energy. We are proud to advance sustainable technologies such as electric appliances, electric heat pumps and water heaters, and electrical upgrades, enabling us to construct zero-emission, cost-efficient buildings. We are pioneering an electrified construction industry, reshaping how buildings responsibly harness power for a more sustainable future.


Synthetic Biology

At Ethos, we are leading the way in synthetic biology, continuously innovating construction and building materials that are both cost-efficient and sustainable. By incorporating the latest technologies and net-zero materials into our projects, we harness the power of nature to create stronger, better, and more sustainable housing. Our commitment to using advanced materials and cutting-edge technologies ensures that we are always at the forefront of building a greener future.


Carbon Footprint

At Ethos, we are combatting global greenhouse gas emissions, focusing on revolutionizing the construction industry through innovative carbon accounting technologies. Our state-of-the-art solutions are designed to assist developers, suppliers, and general contractors in complying with legislative mandates and realizing their sustainability objectives. We offer precise and reliable tools that allow for meticulous tracking and management of carbon emissions throughout the construction lifecycle, promoting responsible and eco-conscious practices. By facilitating a seamless integration of sustainability within the industry, we are contributing to a comprehensive reduction in global carbon footprint, championing a future where ecological balance and housing progression coexist harmoniously.