Caleb Esborg

Co-Founder and CEO

Caleb Esborg is the Chief Executive Officer of Ethos Environmental. He is a dynamic and seasoned executive with over fifteen years of leadership experience. He is a licensed general contractor, and he is also the Chief Operating Officer of seven companies in the construction industry. As an advisory board member to several organizations, he possesses a deep and diverse understanding of operational management, effectively navigating the intricacies of multiple businesses and industries.

Caleb holds a Master’s Degree of Interdisciplinary Studies in Business Administration, Ethics, and Education. He has furthered his knowledge through executive education programs and online courses at esteemed institutions such as Oxford University’s Saïd Business School, Stanford University’s School of Engineering, and Harvard Business School. His extensive education and rich professional experiences have equipped him with a unique perspective and a versatile skill set, enabling him to drive organizational success and foster innovation within his multifaceted roles.

David Gutridge

Co-Founder and Chairman

David Gutridge is a renowned entrepreneur and investor, with a prolific career spanning over thirty years in construction and general contracting. He is the founder of more than ten companies and maintains a pivotal role as their Chief Executive Officer, steering them towards continual growth and success. In addition to his leadership roles, David lends his expertise as a board member to several corporations, contributing to strategic decision-making and organizational development.

A passionate mentor, he shares his wealth of knowledge and experience with numerous CEOs, executives, and business owners, guiding them in navigating the complexities of the business world and fostering their professional growth. David’s multifaceted involvement in the business community underscores his commitment to innovation, leadership, and entrepreneurial excellence.